Business Angel groups, organisations and collectives.

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24 Haymarket Angels
Angel Academe Angels
Angels Den Angels
Angels in MedCity Angels
Angels Invest Wales Angels
Anglia Capital Group Angels
Apollo Informal Investment Angels
Archangels Angels
Ascension Ventures Syndicate Club Angels
Astia Angels Angels
Bristol Private Equity Club Angels
Bristol Private Equity Club Angels
Cambridge Angels Angels
Cambridge Capital Group Angels
Central Arc Angels Angels
ClearlySo Angels Angels
Community Growth Ventures Angels
Connectd Angels
Cornerstone Partners Angels
Deepbridge Syndicate Angels
Deeptech Angels Angels
DSW Ventures Angels
Enterprise 100 Angels
Envestors Angels
Equity Gap Angels
Ethical Equity Angels
EVE Investors Angels
FINTECH Circle Angels
First Party Capital Angels
FSE Investor Network Angels
Gabriel Investment Syndicate Angels
Galvanise Capital Angels
GC Angels Angels
Green Angel Syndicate Angels
Halo Business Angel Network Angels
Harvard Business School Alumni Angels Angels
Henley Business Angels Angels
HERmesa Angels
Highland Venture Capital Angels
Investing Women Angels
Johnson Resolutions Angels
JPIN Venture Catalysts Ltd Angels
Kelvin Capital Angels
LCR Angel Network Angels
London & Scottish Investment Partners Angels
London & Scottish Investment Partners Angels
London Business Angels Angels
MAINstream Angel Investors Network Angels
MedCity Investment Hub Angels
Minerva Business Angel Network Angels
Mint Ventures Angels
Mustard Seed Angels
Newable Ventures Angels
NorthInvest Angels
Oxbridge Angels Angels
Oxford Capital Co-Investor Circle Angels
Oxfordshire Investment Opportunity Network Angels
Par Equity Angels
Pink Salt Ventures Angels
Qatar Business Angel Network Angels
QVentures Angels
Raising Partners Angels Angels
Royal Academy of Engineering, Enterprise Hub Angels
S100 Club Angels
Science Angel Syndicate Angels
SFC Capital Angels
South East Angels Angels
Southern Angel Investors Club Angels
Stakeholderz Angels
SuperSeed Angels
Telarik Angels
The Growth Company Angels
TrendScout UK Angels
Tricapital Angels
Turning Point UK Angels
Veridian Ventures Angels
YFM Equity Partners Angels