Investment Opportunities
Company Tags Raise
Good People Inc Marketplace £150,000
EcoHedge Sustainability £105,000
Jarvo EIS Home Property £200,000
Pleesecakes EIS Food £300,000
30 South Eyewear Sports Sustainability Fashion £150,000
Luxuryshakes EIS Beverage £250,000
Expedreview Travel £150,000
QED Naval EIS Energy & Utilities £500,000
Ossiform EIS Technology Medical £6,300,000
The Vurger Co Food £5,000,000
Renude EIS Healthcare £325,000
Bluebell Baby Monitor Parenting Retail £600,000
Movewise EIS Proptech Property £500,000
Wine&Something Beverage £250,000
GoodTalent SEIS Marketplace Recruitment £150,000
Snowflake Gelato Group EIS Food £2,200,000
Everup EIS Fintech Games Social £500,000
Smokin' Brothers EIS Food £150,000
The Bordeaux Distilling Co EIS Beverage £180,000
Multiview Media Media £250,000
Beeline EIS Transportation B2C £800,000
Delvify AI Fashion £2,000,000
SchoolOnline EIS EdTech Education £440,000
Qkine Ltd Life Science Pharma £3,000,000
Phomo EIS Food £275,000
Trejo's Tacos EIS Food £1,000,000
SM Recruitment Recruitment £100,000
Solent Automation Robotics £500,000
Curated Studio £100,000
Creditspring Finance & Payments Digital B2C £8,034,000
Elementary B Ltd. Financial Services £1,200,000
ScribePay Financial Services £525,000
Ammonite Financial Services Software £250,000
Fanzine Media Sports Gambling £3,000,000
MingleWise App Dating Events £500,000
Nana's Manners Parenting £250,000
Vivida Lifestyle EIS Retail Fashion £1,000,000
Bludesks EIS Proptech Property £500,000
Youdo Play EIS Sustainability App Social £750,000
medmin EIS Healthcare Medtech £1,500,000
STAXY SEIS EIS Transportation Software £500,000
Paua Trading EIS CleanTech £1,000,000
Earswitch SEIS EIS Healthcare Medtech £500,000
Massive Analytic Limited EIS BigData AI £1,000,000
London Dynamics EIS AR £1,000,000
Lucida Medical EIS Healthcare Medtech Software £2,600,000
BookingTek EIS Software Tech SaaS £300,000
Fem Foundry EIS Social Media £1,000,000
Aide Health EIS Healthcare Medtech £1,100,000
Albotherm Ltd EIS CleanTech £600,000
Ape2o EIS Environment CleanTech £310,000
Kraken Travel EIS Marketplace Travel £400,000
Honest Mobile Telecommunications £3,000,000
MYndSpan EIS Healthcare Medtech £2,500,000
whatimpact EIS Social Marketplace £3,000,000
Bots For That EIS Software Tech SaaS £500,000
ZING EIS Marketplace £830,000
Thriftify Technologies Ltd EIS Software Tech SaaS Fashion £1,000,000
FuelActive EIS Clean Tech Green £2,000,000
Mayku EIS Manufacturing Engineering Robotics £3,000,000
VIOLET SEIS EIS Tech hardware IOT £800,000
Studeo EIS Education Edtech App £740,000
SOLENT AUTOMATION LTD. EIS Manufacturing Engineering Robotics £350,000
MyHelp Ltd SEIS Healthcare Medtech £250,000
Know What's Loved EIS Software Tech SaaS Music £900,000
Kelda Showers EIS GreenTech £1,100,000
Univy Events Tickets £250,000
SpaceBands Fashion £600,000
Your Favourite Teacher EdTech £500,000
Service Robotics EIS Robotics SaaS B2B £600,000
Airhead EIS Fitness Manufacturing Sports £350,000
Music Teacher's Board EdTech £300,000
LetsLocalise EIS Edtech £2,000,000
Family Secret EIS Food & Beverage £500,000
GreenBay Marketplace Groceries £200,000
Kool Stories App £90,000
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